The Wendy File 7/14/13

The Wendy File 7/14/13

A compilation of the best edtech resources on the web today!


The Wendy File 6/25/13

The Wendy File 6/25/13

Compilation of edtech news for today.

Professional Development SMACKDOWN! ala edcamp

We had our final Technology Implementation Committee meeting which was ALL SMACKDOWN!
About 10% of our entire teaching staff presented to even more in the audience and resulted in a new, quiet victor! They had 3 minutes, which was negotiated from the previous 2 minute time limit, to present cool and Freeasy (free & easy) tech tools used in the classroom. We even had guest judges from other departments in our County Office of Education!
I can’t wait for our EdCamp San Joaquin August 10th at the Teachers College of San Joaquin whose Dean, Diane, was one of our guest judges. Next school year promises more great things for our teachers and students!!
Thanks to all who attended and participated.

Digital Curriculum & Technology Demo at SJCOE

SJCOE is hosting Pearson with Google Chromebooks to explore their product on something other than the iPad I am blogging from.
Present are Pearson reps, SJCOE tech support folks, school administrators, teachers, parents and, most importantly, students.

Pearson is showcasing K-6.
There are 7000 books in their database from which teachers and students to choose. Online assessments to begin the familiarization with Common Core standards. All Pearson solutions are smart board ready. There are opportunities to write, read and be read to. 24/7 assistance and training

interactiveSCIENCE: Hands on and Heads on experiments…Virtual experiments available.
Reading Street
enVision MATH Common Core

Success Tracker
Online Assessments
Customized Study Plan
Create Assignments and Tests Online
Easy to read reports

Every Pearson solution has its own Google search – drawer or file cabinet of solutions

SuccessNet Plus LMS for upper grades (middle and upper grades)
Easy to use teacher set up
File folder format with expanders
Filtered search option as well as key word or phrase
Can add custom and district content
Lesson planner/calendar – drag and drop to assign on a specific day
advance assign option for specific content and due dates, etc.
Notifications or Alerts page
Past due assignments, etc.
Gradeboook – can be downloaded and imported into own SIS
digits program available to preview for demoing the secondary content
Pearson mobile apps – iPad, Androids and smartphones. Many free or low cost

SJCOE tech folks are present to assist with plug ins, etc that might arise in the demo
And away everyone goes…

Action inspired by Will Richardson’s book Why School?

The following is a slightly edited string of emails between a couple of teachers I have the pleasure of working with and myself regarding our relevance as educators in a small, county community school in Lodi, San Joaquin County, California:

On Jan 8, 2013, at 7:33 PM, “Wendy Frink” <> wrote:
>>> I wonder what would happen if we gave them a standard and asked them how they wanted to demonstrate mastery?
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On Jan 9, 2013, at 7:11 AM, “Darrell” wrote:
>> It is an interesting approach. I had students decide once what they needed to study and review the most for geometry, and then made the follow-up test on that material, but asking them how
>> they want to demonstrate mastery would shape the whole assessment project/test.
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From: Wendy Frink
> Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 7:19 AM
> To: Darrell
> Cc: Gina; Jeremy
> Subject: Re: I wonder what the kids would do…
> A standard in each class with each core coming through inserting that class’ contribution to the projects brainstormed by the previous class…English, Math, Soc Sci or Science, and Digital…..
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On Jan 9, 2013, at 7:47 AM, “Gina” wrote:

> I think it’s brilliant.
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From: Wendy Frink
> Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 8:05 AM
> To: Gina
> Cc: Darrell; Jeremy
> Subject: Re: I wonder what the kids would do…
> Lets select the standards in each class so they could fairly easily integrate with each other. When we do it, record observations, comments your hear and things you see. Take pictures.  At the end if the day, ask the kids to reflect on the process in a google form and we’ll review it all together, carry out their projects/assignments and then we’ll publish our findings 😉
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From: Wendy Frink
> Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 8:15 AM
> To: Gina
> Cc: Darrell; Jeremy
> Subject: Re: I wonder what the kids would do…

Since the test scores are likely never to get us, as a program, out of Program Improvement and we haven’t had any unbearable consequences yet, screw teaching to the test, let’s see about facilitating our kids to determine their learning paths.  Why School? identifies the fact that learning and teachers are no longer scarce resources.  The entire history of knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips….not just in the brick and mortar libraries and classrooms of the world.  Unless we make ourselves valuable as facilitators and guides, we will become obsolete.

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Interesting Legislative Updates for Ca effective Jan. 1, 2013

Some interesting bills ….. To read further—–.

Listed below is a brief synopsis of legislative bills that were signed by the governor with an effective start date of January 1, 2013
Assembly Bills: AB 1799- requires a school district in the state of California that request student records to provide this information to another public school district within 10 school days.
AB 2616- allows discretionary authority by the site principal to excuse an absence due to unfortunate circumstances and reduces the fine structure for students who are adjudged a ward of the court due to truancy.
AB 1909- requires a school district to notify the attorney for a foster student who is being recommended for expulsion for a 48915 offense.
AB 1732- – adds additional definitions to 48900(r)bullying which now includes posting to or creating a burn page, false impersonation or false profile of an individual as a discretionary suspension or recommendation for expulsion.
AB 1729- authorizes a school district to document other means of correction and place that documentation in the pupil’s record. Additionally, documents allowable specific types of other means of correction.
AB 1573- deems a foster child who remains in his or her school of origin to have met the residency requirements for school attendance in that school district.
AB 2537- allows possession of physician prescribed over the counter medication or prescription medication as an exception to a mandatory recommendation for expulsion per ed code 48915 . Additionally, possession of an imitation firearm as defined is not an offense for which suspension or expulsion is mandatory but is an offense for which suspension or expulsion may be imposed.
AB 1575-prohibits a pupil from being required to pay a pupil fee, as defined ,for participation in and educational activity as defined ,as specified.
AB 2109- requires a letter of affidavit from a specific practicing health professional indicating consultation for parents, guardians of students who desire not to be immunized due to the fact that the immunization(s) is contrary to his or her beliefs. This bill becomes effective January 1,2014.
AB 733- this bill makes various changes to pupil record provisions to conform them to federal law. Senate Bills
SB 1088- Prohibits a public school from denying enrollment or readmission to a pupil solely on the basis that he or she has had contact with the juvenile justice system as specified.
SB 121- Specifies that foster pupils shall not be referred to, or placed in, a nonpublic, nonsectarian school unless their individualized education programs specify that the placement is appropriate.

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