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15 Lesson Plans For Making Students Better Online Researchers”>15 Lesson Plans to Help Students Be Better Online Resesrchers


– Part 1… Amazing Twitter Secrets For Educators… Twitter’s Advanced Link… Amazingly Simple!

– Part 1… Amazing Twitter Secrets For Educators… Twitter’s Advanced Link… Amazingly Simple!.

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I say easier because, no matter how easy the process of web creation can be made, the creation of an effective, attractive, user-friendly design that meets a high standard of functionality will always take time.

As an ICT Specialist in a school just getting started I am in the enviable position of getting to help plan and execute an expanding array of new initiatives including the creation of a new school website. Of course, being a strong believer in collaborative learning, I see every chance for me to continue learning as a chance to get my students involved.

Enter Weebly. This Flash based web design platform really evens the playing field. Hey you! Technogeek. Stop rolling your eyes. Yes, learning code is a noble achievement. In the meantime, the rest of us with more immediate needs want to play too.

Weebly offers us the chance to become published web…

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Top 10 sites & Apps of 2012

Top 10 sites & Apps of 2012

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As I reflect and have anything to share that might be helpful or inspire thought or a loud laugh in another person, I might post it.  More likely it will be something I found humorous or inspiring in another’s words and wish to share.  Either way, it won’t be a waste of time.