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Digital Curriculum & Technology Demo at SJCOE

SJCOE is hosting Pearson with Google Chromebooks to explore their product on something other than the iPad I am blogging from.
Present are Pearson reps, SJCOE tech support folks, school administrators, teachers, parents and, most importantly, students.

Pearson is showcasing pearsonSuccessnet.com K-6.
There are 7000 books in their database from which teachers and students to choose. Online assessments to begin the familiarization with Common Core standards. All Pearson solutions are smart board ready. There are opportunities to write, read and be read to.
myPearsonTraining.com 24/7 assistance and training

interactiveSCIENCE: Hands on and Heads on experiments…Virtual experiments available.
Reading Street
enVision MATH Common Core

Success Tracker
Online Assessments
Customized Study Plan
Create Assignments and Tests Online
Easy to read reports

Every Pearson solution has its own Google search – drawer or file cabinet of solutions

SuccessNet Plus LMS for upper grades (middle and upper grades)
Easy to use teacher set up
File folder format with expanders
Filtered search option as well as key word or phrase
Can add custom and district content
Lesson planner/calendar – drag and drop to assign on a specific day
advance assign option for specific content and due dates, etc.
Notifications or Alerts page
Past due assignments, etc.
Gradeboook – can be downloaded and imported into own SIS
digits program available to preview for demoing the secondary content
Pearson mobile apps – iPad, Androids and smartphones. Many free or low cost

SJCOE tech folks are present to assist with plug ins, etc that might arise in the demo
And away everyone goes…